As of today, old crop offers held steady around $15.25 per cwt fob farm (about $336 per ton) for August shipment while others are looking for at least $16.00 per cwt fob farm (about $355 per ton) before the end of the marketing year.Bids from exporters...
9 hours 46 min ago
U.S. rice prices; U.S. rice market
U.S. dollar index was weaker -0.03% from the open today, when it traded at 81.005 at the close.Euro was stronger +0.02% by the close, trading around 1.3439 by end of day, after trading between an intraday high of 1.3446 and low of 1.3428.Thai baht...
10 hours 51 min ago
foreign exchange rates, Rice currencies, Global rice trade
Three out of five bags of rice randomly picked at supermarkets in the central Chinese province of Wuhan in Hubei were genetically modified (GM) rice. This comes as a shocker to China because the government had never approved either the sale or...
12 hours 57 min ago
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Chicago rough rice futures for Sep delivery settled 1.5 cents per cwt (about 33 cents per ton) lower at $12.925 per cwt (about $285 per ton). The other grains finished the day mostly higher; soybeans closed about 2.2% higher at $11.0775 per bushel; wheat...
13 hours 34 min ago
U.S. rice prices; U.S. rice market; Chicago rough rice futures
Vietnam rice sellers increased most of their quotes by about $5 - $10 per ton today. Other Asia rice sellers kept their quotes unchanged today.5% Broken RiceThailand 5% rice (of new crop) is quoted at around $430 - $440 per ton, about $20 per ton...
19 hours 5 min ago
Vietnam rice prices, India rice prices, Thailand rice prices, pakistan rice prices
Sri Lankan Cabinet has approved the recommendation of the Ministry of Internal Trade (MoIT) to import around 50,000 tons of rice from India to make up for shortfalls from production, according to local sources.Sri Lanka paddy production from both 2014...
20 hours 48 min ago
Srilanka rice production, Srilanka rice imports
Vietnam exported around 3.345 million tons of rice in January 1 - July 22, 2014, down about 18% from around 4.1 million tons of rice exported in first seven months of last year, according to data from the Vietnam Food Association (VFA). Average rice...
20 hours 50 min ago
Vietnam rice exports, Vietnam Food Association (VFA)
The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has forecasted Venezuela to import more rice in MY 2014-15 (July - June) based on MY 2013-14 import data. Venezuela'stotal cereal imports, including rice, increased to around 4.7 million tons in the just-...
21 hours 52 min ago
Venezuela rice production, Venezuela rice exports, venezuela rice imports
The UN's Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has estimated India's 2014 aggregate paddy rice production (including the ongoing 2014 main and the 2014-15 secondary seasons) at around 157.5 million tons (around 105 million tons, basis milled), down...
21 hours 54 min ago
India rice production, India monsoon, India rice exports, India rice prices
The UN's Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) estimates Indonesia's 2014 rice imports at around 1.2 million tons, up about 70% from around 705,880 tons imported in 2013, based on the government's policy of ensuring adequate stocks to avert the...
21 hours 59 min ago
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Over 92%, or around 1.31 million tons of total Italian 2013-14 paddy crop is sold out as of July 22, 2014, down about 12% from around 1.5 million tons sold during the same period last year. Around 119,840 tons of rice is remaining from the 2013-14 crop...
22 hours 11 min ago
Italy paddy rice crop, Long grain varieties, Round paddy
European Union (EU) total milled rice production (Japonica and Indica) is expected to decline to around 1.738 million tons in the marketing/crop year (MY) 2014-15 (September 2014 - August 2015), down about 2% from an estimated 1.77 million tons in MY...
22 hours 17 min ago
EU rice production, EU rice imports, EU rice exports, EU Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development (EU-DGARD)
The Oryza White Rice Index, a weighted average of global white rice export quotes, ended this week at $480 per ton, up about $7 per ton from a week ago, up about $19 per ton from a month ago and up about $4 per ton from a year ago.South American rice...
3 days 10 hours ago
oryza white rice index (OWRI), Global rice trade, rice news
The U.S. cash market continues to be muted with very little old crop trading as buyers wait for less expensive new crop; however, most farmers have little interest selling new crop at the levels where buyers currently have interest.Meanwhile, some...
3 days 10 hours ago
U.S. rice prices; U.S. rice market
U.S. dollar index was stronger +0.20% from the open today, when it traded at 81.032 at the close.Euro was weaker -0.23% by the close, trading around 1.3433 by end of day, after trading between an intraday high of 1.3476 and low of 1.3422.Thai baht...
3 days 12 hours ago
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Oryza Global Rice Quotes

July 28th, 2014
Long grain white rice - high quality
Thailand 100% B grade 445-455
Vietnam 5% broken 460-470
India 5% broken 435-445
Pakistan 5% broken 435-445
Cambodia 5% broken 450-460
U.S. 4% broken 550-560
Uruguay 5% broken 625-635
Argentina 5% broken 620-630


July 28th, 2014
Long grain white rice - low quality
Thailand 25% broken NQ
Vietnam 25% broken 405-415
Pakistan 25% broken 375-385
Cambodia 25% broken 425-435
India 25% broken 390-400
U.S. 15% broken 530-540
Long grain parboiled rice
Thailand parboiled 100% stxd 440-450
Pakistan parboiled 5% broken stxd 450-460
India parboiled 5% broken stxd 420-430
U.S. parboiled 4% broken 630-640
Brazil parboiled 5% broken NQ
Uruguay parboiled 5% broken NQ
Long grain fragrant rice
Thailand Hommali 92% 1000-1010
Vietnam Jasmine 615-625
India basmati 2% broken NQ
Pakistan basmati 2% broken NQ
Cambodia Phka Malis 835-845
Thailand A1 Super NQ
Vietnam 100% broken 355-365
Pakistan 100% broken stxd 325-335
Cambodia A1 Super 350-360
India 100% Broken stxd 315-325
Egypt medium grain brokens NQ
U.S. pet food 470-480
Brazil half grain NQ
Medium grain milled
U.S. Calrose 4% broken 1025-1035
Egypt medium grain 6% NQ