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The Oryza White Rice Index, a weighted average of global white rice export quotes, ended this week at about $476 per ton, down about $3 per ton from week ago, down about $6 per ton from a month ago and up about $22 per ton from a year ago.Thailand...
15 hours 47 min ago
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The U.S. cash market was little changed today as buyers hold for better prices ahead of the harvest of a large crop while most sellers would rather put their rice in their bins and wait for prices to improve rather than selling below their cost of...
17 hours 32 min ago
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The Colombian rice farmers led by the country's National Rice Growers Federation (FEDEARROZ) are urging the government to immediately arrange for alternative water resources to allow them to carry out rice production uninterruptedly even in absence of...
22 hours 12 min ago
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Planting for kharif rice crop, or main rice crop (June – December) in India has reached around 35 million hectares of rice area as of August 29, 2014, slightly up from around 34.98 million hectares planted during the same time last year, according a...
23 hours 39 min ago
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In an exclusive interview to Oryza,Dr.Jagdish Ladha, Principal Scientist and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) representative for India and Nepal, has shared a number of developments taking place in South Asian rice production techniques...
1 day 5 min ago
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Indians are today celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, which marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha/Vinayaka, the lord of obstacles, according to the Hindu mythology. The festival usually falls between 19 August and 20 September every year depending on the moon's...
1 day 52 min ago
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Read about how staffer ideated the now world-famous #ricebucketchallengePublished in Business Standard'Rice may not be as much fun as ice, but it will still do well'Manju Latha Kalanidhi says she added a local flavour to Ice Bucket...
1 day 2 hours ago
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Thailand rice sellers lowered their quotes for parboiled rice and Hommali rice by about $5 per ton each to around $435 - $445 per ton and around $1,050 - $1,060 per ton respectively today. Vietnam rice sellers lowered their quotes for Jasmine rice by...
1 day 3 hours ago
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Cambodia has launched its first large-scale paddy rice bank to ensure uninterrupted supplies to millers and exporters, according to local sources.Thaneakea Srov (Kampuchea) Plc is the rice bank that aims at supporting the local rice industry by way of...
1 day 3 hours ago
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The Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) has developed eight new varieties or rice, which are tolerant to adverse climatic conditions such as salinity, submergence, drought and other climate changes, according to local sources.The BRRI Director-...
1 day 5 hours ago
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The Russian ban on food imports from the European Union in retaliation to Ukraine sanctions is severely impacting the prices of the European farm and dairy products, according to local sources. European farmers unions including those in Poland and the...
1 day 6 hours ago
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Consumption of organic farm products, including rice, has been increasing for the last couple of years. According to the Italian Agriculture Minister, consumption of organic farm products in Italy has increased by around 17.3%, despite a decline in...
1 day 7 hours ago
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The U.S. cash market saw prices hold today despite the fact the US sold another vessel to Venezuela which some analysts believed could have been the spark to reignite higher prices.As of today, offers were unchanged around $13.00-$13.33 per cwt fob...
1 day 17 hours ago
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Chicago rough rice futures for Sep delivery settled 11 cent per cwt (about $2 per ton) lower at $12.685 per cwt (about $280 per ton). The other grains finished the day higher; soybeans closed about 0.5% higher at $10.2875 per bushel; wheat finished...
1 day 17 hours ago
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Heavy rain is expected in south-western Guangdong, central-southern Guangxi, Hainan, southern Sichuan, north-eastern Chongqing, western Hubei, central Hebei and western Beijing in China from August 28-30.Abundant rain is expected over Thailand during...
1 day 20 hours ago
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Oryza Global Rice Quotes

August 29th, 2014
Long grain white rice - high quality
Thailand 100% B grade 455-465
Vietnam 5% broken 445-455
India 5% broken 435-445
Pakistan 5% broken 435-445
Cambodia 5% broken 465-475
U.S. 4% broken 535-545
Uruguay 5% broken 610-620
Argentina 5% broken 610-620


August 29th, 2014
Long grain white rice - low quality
Thailand 25% broken NQ
Vietnam 25% broken 400-410
Pakistan 25% broken 390-400
Cambodia 25% broken 450-460
India 25% broken 390-400
U.S. 15% broken 525-535
Long grain parboiled rice
Thailand parboiled 100% stxd 435-445
Pakistan parboiled 5% broken stxd 440-450
India parboiled 5% broken stxd 425-435
U.S. parboiled 4% broken 630-640
Brazil parboiled 5% broken 595-605
Uruguay parboiled 5% broken NQ
Long grain fragrant rice
Thailand Hommali 92% 1050-1060
Vietnam Jasmine 575-585
India basmati 2% broken NQ
Pakistan basmati 2% broken NQ
Cambodia Phka Malis 880-890
Thailand A1 Super NQ
Vietnam 100% broken 340-350
Pakistan 100% broken stxd 330-340
Cambodia A1 Super 360-370
India 100% Broken stxd 345-355
Egypt medium grain brokens NQ
U.S. pet food 470-480
Brazil half grain NQ
Medium grain milled
U.S. Calrose 4% broken 1025-1035
Egypt medium grain 6% NQ