The U.S. cash market saw prices hold today despite the fact the US sold another vessel to Venezuela which some analysts believed could have been the spark to reignite higher prices.As of today, offers were unchanged around $13.00-$13.33 per cwt fob...
2 hours 35 min ago
U.S. rice prices, U.S. rice market
Chicago rough rice futures for Sep delivery settled 11 cent per cwt (about $2 per ton) lower at $12.685 per cwt (about $280 per ton). The other grains finished the day higher; soybeans closed about 0.5% higher at $10.2875 per bushel; wheat finished...
2 hours 50 min ago
chicago rough rice futures, U.S. rice prices, U.S. rice market
Heavy rain is expected in south-western Guangdong, central-southern Guangxi, Hainan, southern Sichuan, north-eastern Chongqing, western Hubei, central Hebei and western Beijing in China from August 28-30.Abundant rain is expected over Thailand during...
5 hours 13 min ago
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With less than a month left before the next harvest, there are 69,856 tons of paddy rice still available on the Italian market. About 1,387,171 tons have been sold from the 1,447,783 tons first available in September 2013; in other words, about 95.81%...
7 hours 12 min ago
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Chicago rough rice futures for Sep delivery are seen 5.5 cents per cwt (about $1 per ton) lower at $12.740 per cwt (about $281 per ton) during early floor trading in Chicago. The other grains are seen higher this morning: soybeans are currently seen 0.7...
9 hours 54 min ago
U.S. rice prices, U.S. rice market, chicago rough rice futures
Nearly 200,000 migrant workers at ports have left Thailand fearing military crackdown after the military government took over on May 22, 2014. The Thai rice export sector is feeling the heat of this development. Around 500,000 tons of Thai rice...
10 hours 31 min ago
Thai rice exports, All India Rice Exports Association (TREA)
Farmers in the Irrawaddy Delta, known as the rice bowl of Myanmar, began rice planting in August three months late from the normal planting time in May every year, according to local sources.Heavy rains and flooding since the beginning of rice growing...
11 hours 8 min ago
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Asia sellers kept their quotes unchanged today .5% Broken RiceThailand 5% rice is quoted at around $440 - $450 per ton, about $5 per ton discount to Vietnam 5% rice quoted at around $445 - $455 per ton. India 5% rice is quoted at around $435 - $445...
13 hours 44 min ago
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The Post estimates EU's 2014 milled rice imports at around 1.5 million tons, down about 9% from around 1.37 million tons imported in 2013. It expects EU imports to decline about 7% to around 1.4 million tons in 2015.The Post estimates EU's 2014 milled...
13 hours 50 min ago
EU rice production, EU rice imports, EU rice exports
India average wholesale rice prices increased slightly in August 2014 after they increased sharply in July 2014, according to official sources. The correction has been mainly due to subdued fears on rice production from the kharif (June - December) main...
13 hours 54 min ago
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Experts are fearing that global warming and climate change could reduce Bangladesh's paddy yields by about 50% in 2070, according to local sources.Speaking at the national workshop on "Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from Rice Field: Finding Mitigation...
14 hours 1 min ago
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rice bucket challenge
The rice bucket challenge (#ricebucketchallenge) encourages everyone to help those in need with a bucket of rice. The idea originated with Oryza's own Manju Latha Kalanidhi of Hyderabad, India. Media calls the rice bucket challenge, “India’s spin on...
23 hours 40 min ago
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There is very little news to report on the U.S. cash market as both buyers and sellers are waiting for the harvest to pick up to see what happens to prices.As of today, offers can still be found around $13.00-$13.33 per cwt fob farm (about $287-$294...
1 day 58 min ago
U.S. rice prices, U.S. rice market
As domestic paddy availability in Italy declines, the number of quoted varieties has dwindled and quotes remain firm. At Milan Grain Exchange, activity stopped for two weeks, from August 5 to August 26, when farm gate paddy quotes remained limited to...
1 day 2 hours ago
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Chicago rough rice futures for Sep delivery settled 6 cent per cwt (about $1 per ton) lower at $12.795 per cwt (about $282 per ton). The other grains finished the day with mixed results; soybeans closed about 0.4% lower at $10.2375 per bushel; wheat...
1 day 5 hours ago
U.S. rice prices, U.S. rice market, chicago rough rice futures


Oryza Global Rice Quotes

August 28th, 2014
Long grain white rice - high quality
Thailand 100% B grade 455-465
Vietnam 5% broken 445-455
India 5% broken 435-445
Pakistan 5% broken 435-445
Cambodia 5% broken 465-475
U.S. 4% broken 535-545
Uruguay 5% broken 610-620
Argentina 5% broken 610-620


August 28th, 2014
Long grain white rice - low quality
Thailand 25% broken NQ
Vietnam 25% broken 400-410
Pakistan 25% broken 390-400
Cambodia 25% broken 450-460
India 25% broken 390-400
U.S. 15% broken 525-535
Long grain parboiled rice
Thailand parboiled 100% stxd 440-450
Pakistan parboiled 5% broken stxd 440-450
India parboiled 5% broken stxd 425-435
U.S. parboiled 4% broken 630-640
Brazil parboiled 5% broken 595-605
Uruguay parboiled 5% broken NQ
Long grain fragrant rice
Thailand Hommali 92% 1055-1065
Vietnam Jasmine 580-590
India basmati 2% broken NQ
Pakistan basmati 2% broken NQ
Cambodia Phka Malis 880-890
Thailand A1 Super NQ
Vietnam 100% broken 340-350
Pakistan 100% broken stxd 330-340
Cambodia A1 Super 360-370
India 100% Broken stxd 345-355
Egypt medium grain brokens NQ
U.S. pet food 470-480
Brazil half grain NQ
Medium grain milled
U.S. Calrose 4% broken 1025-1035
Egypt medium grain 6% NQ